Trade Credit

trade-creditCredit insurance can be a complex risk transfer mechanism and, you may think, would only be relevant to large multinational companies. However, credit insurance can be essential to ensuring a domestic or regional businesses’ continued success as well. It can provide powerful information and support that your business might not have otherwise.

Our?credit insurance solutions for domestic businesses?are straightforward and simple to put in place. Your business can benefit from credit insurance in several important ways:

  • Security
    With credit insurance, your business is protected from unpaid invoices, which can be particularly challenging for small businesses. Your company may not have the capital nor the resources to recover if your customers fail to pay. Credit insurance makes sure you get paid even if your customers default. We forward you the money and take care of the debt collection.
  • A Powerful Partner
    Like many domestic businesses, you may not have significant resources to devote to?credit management. The markets we have access to have some of the world’s most extensive knowledge of companies, sectors and economic trends?.
  • Affordability
    The cost of credit insurance is based on your turnover. It is a small percent of insured sales and depends on many variables, including trading history and historical debt loss of your company, your trade sector, and your customer base. When political risk coverage is included, the cost may be higher. The majority of businesses find?trade credit insurance?to be highly cost effective, even before taking into account the many additional benefits that include risk and credit management, bank financing, access to economic data, and ability to safely expand sales.
  • Easy to manage
    Customers will have access to instant and secure online system where they can request credit opinions and limits, monitor existing credit limits and those they have applied for, examine customers’ and prospects’ balance sheets, and request debt collec?tion.
  • Global Capability 
    You can have access to risk experts and?economists??on a global scale and level.

If you want to expand your business in domestic or international markets or protect your key financial accounts, we can help you succeed with our customised credit insurance solutions. We provide your business with a flexible credit insurance solution that is tailored to fit your size, sector and business ambitions.

The relationships that we have built over the years with our extensive network of insurers means that we are able to negotiate and deliver the most relevant insurance cover, not only competitively priced but also with the widest possible coverage available to match our customers’ needs.

Customer service and in particular claims handling are important measures of an insurance company’s worth. We are dedicated to providing you with fast, efficient and fair customer service.

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