Commercial Crime

commercial-crimeIn an increasingly sophisticated world of global companies, fraud has grown dramatically and can have a significant destabilising effect on business. We have access to markets that have leading edge products to take away the risk of fraud and dishonesty by employees or outsiders.

The coverage afforded by these leading products provides our customers with security features not found in other Crime policies and which typically include:

  • Comprehensive coverage for employee dishonesty, theft, computer crime, counterfeiting and forgery
  • Broad definition of employee (including students, secondees, volunteers, temporary personnel and outside lawyers while performing services on your behalf), with losses by unidentified employees covered
  • Coverage for money, securities or other property under the Insured’s care, custody and control
  • Theft loss covered on premises or in transit
  • Automatic cover for new subsidiaries and associated companies, and automatic run off for subsidiary or associated companies sold during the coverage period
  • Standard worldwide jurisdiction offered
  • Coverage for auditor’s fees or investigative costs (up to full policy limit) incurred in order to identify and quantify a loss
  • Coverage for legal fees incurred for third party claims resulting from a covered loss
  • Unlimited retroactive date offered as a standard coverage
  • Ability to offer reinstatement of coverage
  • Flexible discovery period option
  • Ability to issue locally admitted policies in jurisdictions across Asia

The relationships that we have built over the years with our extensive network of insurers means that we are able to negotiate and deliver the most relevant insurance cover, not only competitively priced but also with the widest possible coverage available to match our customers’ needs.


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