Transport Operators Liability

Transport_Operators_LiabilityThe role of the transport operator has evolved over the years to include companies that operate freight and logistics services across all modes of transport. This includes multimodal freight forwarders, NVOCs, tank or container operators, road hauliers and warehouse and depot businesses, project forwarders and logistics operators such as 3PL and 4PL providers.

Today’s multifaceted and complex supply chain demands more value add operations including procurement, packaging, vendor management, sub-assembly, and merge-in-transit and as a result of which transport operators today are exposed to ever greater risks as they are expected to accept more onerous responsibilities such as full-value contracts. To cope with this diverse combination of risks, we require intimate knowledge of our customers’ operations and their liability exposures to create bespoke insurance solutions to meet their needs.

We can arrange coverage to include:

  • Liabilities for loss of or damage to cargo and customers’ goods
  • Liabilities for errors and omissions
  • Third party liabilities including bodily injury and pollution
  • Fines for breach of customs, immigration, pollution and safety
  • Costs including misdirection, investigation, defence, disposal and mitigation costs
  • Quarantine and disinfection costs

Cargo and related Liability cover can also be extended to include loss of or damage to the Transport Operators own property thereby fitting both liability and material damage coverage into one all encompassing policy. Cover can be extended to include:

  • Buildings and contents
  • Docks, wharves, berths, quays and jetties
  • Machinery including handling equipment, containers, trailers and chassis
  • Rail and road infrastructure
  • Business interruption risks
  • Fire and tenants’ legal liability

We recognise that the level and extent of services now offered by the Transport industry is significantly more sophisticated than in years gone by and appreciates that the contractual basis upon which transport operators offer their services has become more onerous. To ensure you select the correct level of cover please refer our Guide to Liability Cover for Transport Operators.

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