Educators Liability

libraryAdministering an educational institution is a challenge and it isn’t getting any easier.  While schools are eager to take on the challenges of the classroom, it is the challenges of the courtroom that they can do without. Fuelled by a litigious society, numerous laws and highly publicized monetary awards and settlements – students, parents, the government, and most often, fellow staff members are “dragging” even the best-run schools and well-intentioned educators into court.

Schools, board members, trustees, administrators and teachers must defend everything from their student admission policies to their employment practices.  Institutions can end up spending millions of dollars to defend a case against them and the related damages or settlement amounts. Meanwhile, administrators, teachers and educators may find themselves personally and financially liable for their alleged actions or inactions.  Educational institutions and educators that are unprotected can risk learning an expensive lesson.

To help schools and other educational institutions, we offer a comprehensive school professional liability insurance policy.  This policy was designed especially to help address the insurance needs of educational institutions, their board members, administrators, trustees, teachers and other employees.

Salient features of the School or Educators Liability policy include:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Educator Reimbursement
  • Management Liability
  • Employment
  • Crime
  • Defence Costs
  • Molestation Defence Costs

We can further provide extensions for vicarious liability of consultants, sub-contractors and agents, court attendance costs and defamation.

Our belief is the best approach is to be hands-on and we personally oversee the services we provide. So even when a claim is being handed over to an adjuster, we are always kept in the loop to monitor developments and provide assistance to our customers where required. To achieve maximum efficiency, we do everything we need to understand your business, your priorities and your needs.


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