Work Injury Compensation Claims

PART I – The Claims Process

The following is a summarised excerpt of the “Work Injury Compensation: A Guide for Employers” taken from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website. To access the full MOM guide, please refer to the following link:



Report the accident

  • Submit accident report to MOM
    If your worker reports of being unwell, ask and find out if it is due to an accident or a disease due to work. If so, submit a report via within 10 days from the date of accident or date of diagnosis of the disease, or within 10 days from the 4th day of medical leave whichever applicable.For cases involving less than 4 days of MC, you are encouraged to report the accident or occupational disease to MOM if the employee wants to claim permanent incapacity compensation under WICA.
  • Inform your insurer of the accident
    This facilitates you getting reimbursements from your insurer
  • Pay medical leave wages to the employee not later than his usual pay day
    You are required to do so as long as the MC is issued by a Singapore doctor, even if it is not from your company clinic
  • Pay the medical expenses directly to the hospital/clinic
    You are required to do so as long as the treatment is considered necessary by a Singapore doctor, even if it is not provided by your company clinic

  1. Employee remains eligible to claim compensation even if his employment or work pass has been terminated
  2. If employer has bought WIC insurance and is awaiting insurer to settle payment, he is required to nonetheless pay the medical leave wages and medical expenses to the employee promptly, and then obtain reimbursement from the insurer later.



(Steps 2 – 5 are only applicable to claims for Permanent Incapacity or Death)
File claim by worker (or family)

MOM will send you a copy of the medical report form. Yes NA
Once your employee decides to claim under WICA, you are required to send the medical report form and pay the medical report fees to the treating hospital or clinic. This is for the hospital or clinic to assess the extent of the employee’s injury.  




The medical report fee should be borne by you. Yes NA
You, the supervisor and co-workers may be required to attend an interview with MOM before MOM assesses whether the claim is compensable.  






Worker undergoes medical assessment

Facilitate your employee to attend all his medical appointments. This ensures his early recovery and the speedy conclusion of his claim. Yes NA



Receipt of Notice of Assessment

Majority of claims are settled within 3-6 months. For workers with more complicated injuries, more time may be needed for their injuries to stabilise before the doctor can assess the % permanent incapacity.

  • Upon receipt of the medical report (or death certificate for fatal cases) from the hospital/clinic, MOM will assess the compensation amount.
  • MOM will issue a Notice of Assessment to inform the employee, employer and the insurer of the amount of compensation payable.
  • If anyone disagrees with the assessment, he has up to 14 days from the date of the Notice of Assessment to lodge an objection with MOM. Any objection lodged after this period may be disregarded
  • Any party who is unclear on the content of the Notice should contact the case officer for help immediately
  • If no one objects to the Notice, employer/insurer is required to pay the compensation within 21 days of the Notice. Please note that interest may be incurred for late payment. • If there is an objection(s), MOM will facilitate its resolution (See step 5).



Resolve Objections, if any

Majority of disputes are resolved within 2-4 months. Disputes that are required to be heard before the Labour Court will take more time.

A party objects to the % permanent incapacity assessment given by the assessing doctor. The worker will undergo a re-assessment with a panel appointed by the Work Injury Compensation Medical Board.
The panel comprises of 2 senior consultants from restructured hospitals.
The Medical Board fee of $357 and any other necessary tests required by the Medical Board will borne by the objecting party. If the fee is not within the required time, the objection may be struck off.
Award by the Medical Board is final. This is regardless of whether the award is higher, lower or the same as the first % PI indicated in the Notice of Assessment.
Any other objections, such as injury/disease being work-related or not, and the Average Monthly Earnings indicated in the Notice of Assessment being incorrect. MOM will hold a pre-hearing conference. The objecting party will be required to furnish supporting documentation to substantiate the objection.
Any unsubstantiated objection may be struck off.
If the dispute remains unresolved, the case will be referred to the Labour Court for hearing.

Once all disputes are resolved, MOM will issue a Court Order requiring the employer/ insurer to pay the compensation within 21 days of the Court Order. If payment is not made, the claimant should seek help from MOM.


PART II – Incident Reporting

Requirement to report incidents

As an employer, you are required under the Workplace Safety and Health Act & Work Injury Compensation Act to report an incident to MOM under the following scenarios:

An employee dies in a work related accident. Notify the Commissioner immediately and submit an incident report online within 10 calendar days.
An employee is injured in a work related accident or has contracted a disease due to work exposure to biological/chemical agents, and
–          Hospitalised for at least 24 hours, or
–          Given medical leave for more than 3 calendar days (consecutive or otherwise)
Submit incident report online within 10 calendar days of accident, receipt of the written diagnosis for disease or within 10 days from the 4th day of medical leave whichever applicable.

If the employee subsequently died from injury/disease, you must notify the Commissioner as soon as you know of the death.

An employee contracts an occupational disease. Submit incident report online within 10 calendar days of receiving the written diagnosis of the disease.


Who should report to the Commissioner

An employee dies during work or at a workplace as a result of work Employer
Self-employed or member of the public dies at your workplace as a result of works done Occupier
Self-employed or member of public died or was injured as a result of works done at your workplace and was sent to hospital for treatment Occupier
No one was injured but incident is considered a Dangerous Occurrence (DO) Occupier


Contact numbers:

Call  +65 6317 1111 or
Fax  +65 6535 2550

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Place of the incident
  • Name and identification number of the injured/deceased, if any
  • Name of the employer and occupier
  • Brief description of the incident
  • Name and contact details of the person making the notification

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